Yoko Ono Transmission

As an artist, Yoko Ono (b.1933) has used a variety of methods always working for a different world, for peace and understanding, and for people to be aware of their environment. The methods range from conceptual instructions for painting, photographs and films, records and concerts, to billboards, participatory installations and events. In addition she has been able to reach out to great masses of people using advertising in magazines and newspapers, postcards, TV and radio, posters and books. Late 1960s and the 1970s she did the Bed-Ins for Peace with John Lennon and wrote songs that questioned war and discrimination against women and people in general.

The Yoko Ono Transmission exhibition is made especially for Kunsthal Charlottenborg and is curated by Jon Hendricks, Lars Schwander and Michael Thouber in collaboration with Yoko Ono. It focuses on Yoko Ono´s publications, printed matter in the widest sense, and how the artist has been able to disseminate her work, from small whispers to be broadcast throughout mass media. The work Imagine Map Piece is shown in the foyer, and the exhibition continues from here into the city and extends to the rest of country in the form of posters, billboards and stamps. The concept of the exhibition is to reactivate the works once again and show them as they were originally intended. Therefore, it has been important for both Yoko Ono and Kunsthal Charlottenborg that the works also extend beyond the Kunsthal into the city of Copenhagen and the rest of Denmark, and by extension, the world. The exhibition runs until February 18 2018. Photo: NYTT ROM