When in Copenhagen

Cousins ​​in Vendersgade 13 is an exciting combination of an interior and flower shop and a café. Everything in the store is for sale; the cup you get your Cortado served in, the pillow lying on the bench you sit on and the bench as well, everything in the store has a price tag. It does not appear as a furniture store, but rather a tasteful café, with sustainability as a key word. You can buy furniture from India, ceramics from Japan, France and Denmark, hand-woven towels from Turkey and wool plaids from Portugal. Although the assortment  comes from around the world, the key word is Nordic. The café´s menu is vegetarian and everything is organic. You can have breakfast and brunch with yogurt, croissant, bread, eggs and much more. For lunch they serve salads, wraps and their popular avocado sandwich consisting of rye bread with avocado, ricotta, chopped almonds, scallions, watercress and lemon zest. Cousins is owned by two cousins!, and the opening hours are from 9.30 to 17:30 the whole week.