Vipp Hotel

At November 1st the Vipp hotel project was launched, making it possible to book a stay at Vipp´s two accommodations. Instead of offering many rooms at one location, the Vipp project offers unique living experiences at two extraordinary places; book a stay at a 400 m2 Copenhagen loft designed by the renowned architect David Thulstrup, or choose a retreat to the 55m2 Vipp shelter in the Swedish wilderness. Both destinations share the same goal in the sense of inviting people to experience Vipp´s design philosophy in different places. And more destinations for the Vipp hotel project is already in the making. Book a stay here.


Room no.1: Vipp Shelter

A peaceful hideway in the Swedish forest. Vipp’s dream of a nature getaway is a 55 m2 black steel structure in the woods with all the necessities and nothing more. Every piece of dark toned interior of the shelter is carefully selected to keep focus on what is important – nature. Price 1,000 EUR per night.


Room no.2: Vipp Loft

A large scale urban apartment mixing design and art. Perched atop an old printing factory from 1910 at Islands Brygge, Copenhagen, the Vipp loft is a 400 m2 urban experience and Studio David Thulstrup has cared for every inch of the light filled home environment. 1,500 EUR per night.


Room no.3 The Chimney House

A historic landmark near the harbour of Northern Copenhagen is reborn, the Chimney house that was once a water pumping station has been dormant in ruins for many years. In early 2018, the heritage building with its towering chimney will open its doors as the third room of the Vipp hotel.