Vipp Chimney House

Chimney House takes its name from its distinctive 35-metre high minaret shaped chimney, added to the 1902 building in 1928, and restored during this yearlong project. The main structural change was a new upper level in steel that follows the gabled roofline of the original brick building and acts as a modern counterpoint. Existing arched windows were extended to ground level and turned into steel framed glass doors and a deep cut was made into one façade leading to a new external terrace.

The third outpost of the Vipp Hotel, “Vipp Chimney House”, is situated nearby the harbour of Northern Copenhagen. Vipp commissioned Studio David Thulstrup to convert the remnants of the former water pumping station built in 1902 into a 200 m2 guesthouse.

– For me this was a dream architectural project because I had so much control, from the strong gestures of the architecture to the finest interior detailing. Although I was encouraged to make it edgy, liveability was still a guiding principle. I wanted it to have the personality, functions and aesthetics of a private home, says David Thulstrup founder and creative director of Studio David Thulstrup.

A U-shaped staircase bisects the ground floor and acts as a divider to define the dining and living zones in the open plan space. Made of steel and strongly geometric, the staircase is clad in extruded aluminum panelling. Left: Lounge chair by Vipp, custom brushed aluminum shelf designed by Studio David Thulstrup. Art work wall: No.1 from “Void” series by Theis Wendt. Pair of rock shaped lamps by Andre Cazenave for Atelier A (vintage). Right: Vipp Chimney sofa, chairs, kitchen and lamps. Carpet by Massimo.
Custom dining table designed by Studio David Thulstrup in birch burl veneer high gloss. “Buddy” sculpture by Aneta Regel, 2015, fired clay and volcanic rock. Vipp chairs. Carpet by Massimo.
Vipp kitchen. Vipp pendants. Vipp chairs. Terrazzo kitchen flooring. Custom pendant light designed by Studio David Thulstrup.
Custom pendant light designed by Studio David Thulstrup, produced by “Northern Lights” in London.

The pitched roof of the new level is left exposed and its generous height is accentuated by three 5-metre long custom designed pendant lamps made from stacked Perspex discs.With the interior design Thulstrup sought to fuse modern ways of living and showcase Vipp’s high-end kitchen and bathroom elements and accessories.  The new L-shaped mezzanine has two bedrooms, each with 4.5 metre-high glass panels facing the atrium.

– You can see from one bedroom to the other and there’s an exchange of natural light. It’s provocative in a way, and an architectural suggestion about flexible modern living where people can control their own levels of privacy, says Thulstrup.

The Chimney House will become the third outpost of Vipp Hotel, immersive spaces available for short-term stays that show the evolution of the iconic Danish brand. Studio David Thulstrup also designed the Vipp Loft in Islands Brygge in Copenhagen. Photo: Irina Boersma and Hampus Berndtson.