Total Relaxation

The Danish architect Tina-Henriette Kristiansen has spent many years on the rehabilitation of the once almost dilapidated buildings in the Skåne countryside. This was formerly a small farm with animals and housing next door in the same house. Now the barn has become a modern living space, and the overgrown property is a charming garden with shaded zones perfect for relaxation. All around the house there are doors opening into the garden and views over the landscape.

The main room is an open space with living room, kitchen and dining area, and upstairs beneath the sloping roof are the bedrooms and a master bedroom with a great view. The interior is simple and very relaxed, elegant and personally carried out with flea finds, a kitchen from Ikea, secondhand purchases and various new and old rarities. Tina-Henriette Kristiansen has created the perfect resort to rest from a daily basis aesthetically kind of work, with the luxury to barefoot grab an apple from an old tree on the way to search for blackberries.

Photo: NYTT ROM. This article is published in NYTT ROM magazine issue 72, in stores now.