WAN Awards 2015

The WAN (World Architectural News) Awards – Sustainable Building of the Year competition is highlighting projects where the architects have holistically embraced sustainability without compromising the usual qualities found in good design such as originality, innovation, form and dialogue with the context. By optimizing architectural qualities and technological solutions, Snøhettas extraordinary family house serves both the living and energy needs of a family house, in addition to generating enough energy surpluses to power an electric car year round. The house has a characteristic tilt towards southeast and a sloping roof surface clad with solar panels and collectors. These elements, together with geothermal energy from energy wells in the ground, serve the energy need for the house. Daylight, views, and contact with landscape and outdoor space are reconciled with the need for balancing sealed walls and windows. Heating and cooling is solved passively through placement of glass surfaces, orientation, house geometry, and volume. Materials have been chosen based on thermal characteristics and embodied energy, but also on the basis of their ability to contribute to a good indoor climate, air quality, and aesthetic qualities.

Photo: Paal-André Schwital.