The View by Code

The View at Gaularfjell is an obvious stop when passing the mountain located on the west coast of Norway. The location provides a sudden and surprising view of a majestic landscape after driving over the mountain. If you arrive from down in the valley you have a continuous view to the top all the way up through a steep turning road. Code architects designed a large, triangular concrete slab placed just at the roadside. The slab is 80 cm thick, and is apparently easy placed on the terrain with characteristic bending corners out and up in the air. The cars can drive to the viewpoint and the visitors climb up stairs in each of the corners experiencing the magnificent landscape from different angles. The process with the concrete structure was a challenge due to its location on the mountain with its advanced geometry and high standards of quality. The result appears as an independent, geometric and precise object in the landscape. The materials and technology are well known and robust, while the design is spectacular as well as the view. The View at Gaularfjell is one of 18 highly exciting and architectural high class design along the most beautiful roads in the wild nature of Norway, all a result of a government run initiative called Nasjonale turistveger (National Tourist roads). Photo: Jiri Havran.