The Swiss Embassy

The Embassy of Switzerland in Copenhagen was the first embassy to participate in 3daysofdesign, and the Swiss event has become an absolute must-see. This year you can experience a curated design exhibition, an exciting talk program and a multi-functional social installation by architects Bjarke Ingels (BIG) and Simon Frommenwiler (HHF).

Swiss Ambassador Benedikt Wechsler says: – Switzerland and Denmark both have proud design traditions, and both countries really value innovation, research, education and the creative industries. As an ambassador, I have worked on bringing Switzerland and Denmark closer together with design and architecture as focus areas. We have worked with the format Architecture in Residence and we have made annual presentations during 3daysofdesign. This is my last year as ambassador in Denmark, and I look forward to presenting our great design and architecture program during 3daysofdesign. The Embassy of Switzerland won a Danish Design Award in 2017 in the category “Game Changer” for the design concept Open Embassy.

Architecture in Residence: The renowned architects Bjarke Ingels (BIG) and Simon Frommenwiler (HHF) have joined forces to create a multi-functional social installation called ‘Puzzle House’ for the embassy’s unique garden at the waterfront, just north of Copenhagen. The project is part of the embassy’s Architecture in Residence (AiR) program, which, through changing projects since 2017, has helped strengthen the relations between Danish and Swiss architects, architecture schools and manufacturers from the building industry.

Resulting out of a collaboration of Swiss and Danish architects HHF and BIG, the Puzzle House triggers social interaction as most elements need to be carried by more than one person to combine them to different settings. The Puzzle House is a multi-functional object consisting of a series of individual elements, that when together form a house. Separately, each piece can act as a seating element. Photo: Kaspar Würgler
A big variety of seating scenarios for group discussions, or auditorium style seating for events or public speaking can be configurated. When flipped on their sides, they can also act as wind barriers or partitions to delineate spaces for various group activities. Photo: Kaspar Würgler
Photo: Kaspar Würgler
The Residence
Richelieus Allé 14 in Hellerup: some call it the most beautiful property at the Oresund between Copenhagen and the Louisiana Museum in Humlebaek. Built in 1906 by the award-wining architect Christen Gotfred Tvede (1863-1947) it stands today still well conserved in its singular beauty in a breathtaking park-like environment.
The Pavilion 
A glass Pavilion has been added by another price winning architect, Roland Meier, a Swiss-born architect practicing in Copenhagen. His annex to the traditional summer house creates a productive disruption and though headed by a solid concrete structure, the building seems to float graciously.
The selected designers for the interior range from young to established and are based in the German, French and Italian-speaking part as well as in the Grisons. Contemporary products stand next to historic objects, many of which wrote design history and made Switzerland famous as a Design nation abroad. Design in Residence is curated by Alfredo Häberli, an internationally known designer based in Zurich.