Reflect Kitchen

The perfect curve is plotted in the history of the Reflect kitchen design by Søren Rose Studio. It is when daylight meets the curve the changing lights of the day hit the swirled surfaces of the kitchen that the changeable shadow play occurs. – The vision was to find the perfect curve, and Uno form kitchen was the manufacturer that could redeem it, Søren Rose says. Reflect owes its looks to the phenomenon under which it was envisioned: The natural light of Scandinavia. The four corners on each front have a thickness that contributes to the light reflections of the drawers.

With an as always unique craftsmanship and elegance, Uno form has created the Reflect design in seven laminate colors in addition to black and white. The super matte laminates are of the best quality and created with passion: – At our carpentry in Denmark, every single piece of wood is turned, evaluated and processed by passionate professionals. Experienced craftsmen who are still soft about the heart at the sight of a well-executed piece of carpentry – and every day driven by the will to create a perfect whole with exclusive details, each of which contributes to give Uno form life and soul, Uno form concludes.

Uno form´s success started in 1968, when the Danish inventor Arne Munch simplified the whole idea about what a good kitchen is all about. He designed the ingenious cube module 60 x 60 x 60 centimeters, a square module that gave freedom to be used according to peoples needs and the rooms measurements. The harmonic design created an aesthetically successful piece of furniture, and celebrates its 50 years anniversary in 2018 by launching the new, exciting Reflect Kitchen.