The CAFx

In 2018 the festival will enter its fifth year. Since the beginning, the festival has managed to create a dynamic and contemporary platform for disseminating the importance of architecture in Denmark in relation to abroad. The festival explores how architecture affects our lives and the world – and how our lives and the world affect the architecture. Since the festivals beginning the ambition has been to expand the idea of ​​what architecture is and can: to unfold the architecture as something more than just brick, space or frames, but as a sensual, bodily, social, political and human size that takes part in our lives. The festival also investigates how and where architecture makes a difference. Architecture is thus for all and not just for the architects. Through films, exhibitions, lectures, debates, city walks, bicycle tours, workshops, conferences etc. CAFx seeks to show the span of the architectural field. To show how architecture helps to create qualities in everyday life or where there is a lack of the same, both locally, nationally and globally. You can read more about the 2018 Housing Home program here.

The festival opens in parallel with the opening of BLOX, the new Realdania funded prestigious building on Bryghusgrunden in Copenhagen, designed by Rem Koolhaas / OMA.

Copenhagen Architecture Festival Trailer 2018 from Copenhagen Architecture Festival on Vimeo.