The 72 Hour Cabin

In 2017 an experiment was conducted where five people from different places of the world with very stressful jobs were placed in the Swedish nature for 72 hours. Along the way, two researchers from the Swedish Karolinska Institute  measured their well-being levels. Participants lived in specially crafted glass cabins to get as close to nature as possible, and by the end of the experiment they all had lower blood pressure, stress levels and heart rate, and they were also more creative. After fishing, hiking, kayaking and cooking over open fire, accommodation in glass cabins and starry nights, participants felt that everyday stress disappeared. This confirms the research that shows that spending time in nature has a positive effect on our health.

The cabins are designed by Jeanna Berger, and are examples of the clean and simple Swedish design. In addition to the five original 72-hour cabins, four new glass cabins have been built at two different places also in the historic and scenic Dalsland area, about three hours from the border in eastern Norway between Oslo and Gothenburg. All cabins are available for those who need a break, feel the nature, and stay under the “open sky”. With a roof of glass the view is impeccable. You can book a stay at a 72 Hour Cabin here. Photo: Jonas Ingman.