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Summer Holiday

Posted on July 11th, by Dorthe Smeby in Photography.
NYTT ROM´s editorial staff is about to finish an exciting issue no.59, which will be in stores in the middle of August. Our summer holiday is soon to come…

Iwan Baan Exhibition

Posted on September 20th, by Dorthe Smeby in Photography.
The 52 Weeks, 52 Cities Exhibition is a spectacular journey around the world with the most influential architecture photographer today.

Look down

Posted on April 30th, by Dorthe Smeby in Photography, Visual arts.
The human eye has a tendency to only look straight ahead - look down and discover whats underneath your feet.

Guest: Kyrre Wangen

Posted on January 16th, by Dorthe Smeby in Photography, Visual arts.
Photographer Kyrre Wangen travels between London, Norway and Brazil, shooting editorials, landscapes, portraits and documenting everyday life.

Guest: Åke E:son Lindman

Posted on November 22nd, by Dorthe Smeby in Architecture, Photography.
Åke E:son Lindman is one of our favourite photographers. He has been to Sainte Marie de La Tourette, designed by Le Corbusier in 1960.

Guest: Colin Eick

Posted on October 23rd, by Dorthe Smeby in Photography.
This weeks guest is photographer Colin Eick. He was recently in Lofoten, Norway, observing nature, people and local culture.