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Sky´s the Limit

Posted on December 9th, by Dorthe Smeby in Architecture.
Feel the rush of the world´s tallest buildings by SOM architects and be amazed by the engineers wild calculations and giant structures.

Studio David Thulstrup

Posted on December 1st, by Dorthe Smeby in Architecture, Design, Interior.
The architects at Studio David Thulstrup use inspirational mood boards to create and communicate ideas as a tool to present their visual aesthetics.

Prestigious Norwegian Award

Posted on November 30th, by Dorthe Smeby in Architecture.
Code architects and Lund Hagem architects are the 2016 award winners of the prestigious Betongtavlen for their aesthetically and technically outstanding projects.

Trollstigen Visitor Centre

Posted on November 15th, by Dorthe Smeby in Architecture.
Photographer Alejandro Villanueva has just finished his second timelapse of his Iconic Norway project, featuring the Trollstigen Tourist Route by Norwegian Reiulf Ramstad Architects.

Urban Rigger

Posted on September 23rd, by Dorthe Smeby in Architecture.
Big architects´s Urban Rigger is a building typology optimized for harbor cities with a solution that allows the students to live in the city.

Ku.Be House of Culture

Posted on September 15th, by Dorthe Smeby in Architecture.
The new Ku.Be House of Culture in Frederiksberg is the first of its kind in Denmark, focusing on culture, health and movement.

The View by Code

Posted on September 9th, by Dorthe Smeby in Architecture.
The spectacular The View by Norwegian Code architects at Gaular mountain at the west coast of Norway opened this summer.

Lund Hagem Architects

Posted on September 3rd, by Dorthe Smeby in Architecture.
The renowned architects won Architectural Review`s BnB award with a small cabin situated in a typical rocky Norwegian landscape by the sea.

Snøhetta in Lebanon

Posted on August 17th, by Dorthe Smeby in Architecture.
The competition to design the new Banque Libano Francaise was won by Snøhetta, and will be their first commission in Lebanon.