Nytt Rom publishes six issues a year. The subscription will auto-renew and must be cancelled by subscriber. The magazine is in Norwegian. If you have any questions regarding subscriptions please do not hesitate to contact us at 



– I have relocated and my address has changed. What do I do?

– Send you new address to and we´ll take care of it.

– What are the benefits of subscribing?

– You get the magazine in your mail box approximately one week before it hits the shelves. Plus you save 46 % contra buying it in the store.

– How do I cancel my subscription?

– Please e-mail your cancellation to This will prevent recurring payment but allow your subscription to continue until the end of its duration.

– Is there an English version of the magazine?

– The magazine is in Norwegian only.

– Can I give a subscription as a present?

– Absolutely – send us an e-mail at and we´ll fix it.