Studio David Thulstrup

In their creative process the Danish architects Studio David Thulstrup (SDT) use mood boards as an essential part of communicating their ideas to clients and fellow colleagues. Working with materials, colors and shapes for projects they find it important to translate a subject or an idea into something physical and experimental with complete creative freedom. The emphasis is also on creating both actual and hypothetical mood boards for use on social media that gives the team a creative exercise and provides a break from client work. In addition, featuring the mood boards on social media is also to inspire and communicate the studios aesthetics. SDT describes themselves as a studio that dare to take chances and combine materials and colors that you don’t see every day. Some concepts are calm with a sophisticated edge, while others are very pop and colorful. Always having the desire to push the potential of the mood boards researching new materials, SDT also get the opportunity to work with some of the best suppliers in the business. Photo: Studio David Thulstrup. Credit: DANISHâ„¢.