Stellar Works

Stellar Works was established in 2012 as a way to bring ideas together: East and West, heritage and modernity, craft and industry, bringing the best of the past into the light of the present. Their aim was to inspire a renaissance in Asian aesthetics, taking the forms, styles and motifs that have characterized Japanese design across the centuries and filtering them through the lens of the European tradition to create something new and timeless.

Stellar Work´s creative direction is overseen by the Neri&Hu Design and Research Office. Founded in 2004, the design practice is based in Shanghai and London and led by architects Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu. The company´s diverse, multicultural team strives to reinvent classic craft, adding a fresh, contemporary touch to their projects and collaborations all over the world. Photo: Taran Wikhu.

The new Arc collection designed by Norwegian Hallgeir Homstvedt has a distinct character and comes in different sizes and designs.

Left: The Industry collection is a new chair series with simple, modern lines. Design by Neri&Hu. Right: The Utility series high chair by Ner&Hu.
Utility Stacking Chair U and Utility Chair V by Neri&Hu.
The modular sofa collection Infinity designed by Space Copenhagen.