The project called Späckhuggaren is created by the Swedish Gothenburg based architects Bornstein Lyckefors. The geometric red painted box is situated north of Gothenburg in the outskirt of a panoramic farmland, and has a total of 163 square meter living space. Inside the house is open and spacious with three levels and skylights that bring light diagonally through the house down to the ground floor. Plywood and dark grey Valchromat is the main material, and the red color of the façade is called Faluröd and is a traditional color used on houses throughout the Swedish countryside. Photo: Mikael Olsson.


The house is situated at the outskirt of a panoramic farmland. For more than 100 years ago a warehouse was situated here, and the historic context has been a part of the projects concept.

The facade facing south west has a 3,5 meter high opening with warehouse doors for sun and wind protection.

The house is situated between farmland and Elm wood. The three level house is readable on the facade.

On the ground floor level, view to the stair and kitchen from the guest room. Over the kitchen is a living room space.

The living room has a custom made book shelf and a large sliding door.

The ground floor

Level two, half a stair up from the ground floor

Master bedroom one and a half stairs up from entrence level