Restaurant Silo

When entering Restaurant Silo at the 17th floor from the elevator you are welcomed by a stunning and breathtaking view. The panoramic windows from floor to ceiling encircles the hole 967 square meter restaurant, and the interior is arranged in a way that allows you to walk alongside the window approximately all around the restaurant. The restaurant´s owner Michael Rønnebæk-Rørth had the idea of a welcoming place in the sense of several eat and drink possibilities – instead of a place hunting for Michelin stars. At the south end is a lounge area, where you can relax in comfortable chairs while having a coffee, doing some work on your laptop or order a small dish. In the middle of the restaurant is the large open kitchen and a bar area, a perfect place for a cocktail and an informal meal. In the north end you´ll find the restaurant area, serving a four course menu. Were ever situated, the great view surrounds you. Looking for some fresh air, a staircase will lead you to the 18th floor offering a roof top garden and outdoor café.

The industrial harbor area Nordhavn is an up and coming neighboorhood were modern architecture is growing out of former industry buildings as well as new housing projects. The Silo building is redesigned by Danish Cobe architects, an impressive piece of architecture that houses some of Copenhagen´s, or in fact Denmark´s, most exclusive and expensive apartments. You can read more about The Silo here.


Photo: Rasmus Hjortshøj.