”Plans for Christmas”

It has become a tradition at Utzon Center in Aalborg that one of the years exhibited architects also design the Christmas installation.Titled “Plans for Christmas” the installation by Praksis Architects is a stunning mix of architecture and Christmas. Suspended from the top of a wooden structure in the inner courtyard of the center, 70 floor plans from the architects buildings are laser cut in white acrylic glass, slowly rotating and reflecting the light projected onto the structure. The thin laser cut plans acts as snowflakes inside the wooden structure in a ray of light.

The wooden structure is build as the old traditional building methods of farmhouses in Denmark and Holland, and forms the basis of the new seaside hotel Svinkløv Badehotel by Praksis Architects. The project is a rebuilding after the old and famous hotel that burnt down some years ago. Praksis Architects was founded by achitects Mads Bjørn Hansen and Mette Tony, and has during 2016/2017 received all major Danish architectural prizes. “Plans for Christmas” can be experienced until December 31.