Obelisken 29 in Stockholm

The project named Obelisken 29 is located on Södermalm, the former working class district that now has become a popular part of the city. The architects Claesson Koivisto Rune have designed the Obelisken that consist of 20 penthouse apartments with terraces and balconies, some of them two storey, built on top of an existing building from the 1960´s and renewing the façade as well. The two storey penthouses have a more closed first floor and an upper floor that is filled with light that enters through the large glass partitions. You arrive at the upper floor with an elevator into this generous space, and go downstairs to the bedrooms. The architects have designed the apartments down to the smaller details, among other things there are special designed door handles, railings, parapets, kitchen doorknobs, wallpaper, windowsills and sliding glass doors. The 1960’s building, on which the penthouse apartments are built, was a long monochrome block. Claesson Koivisto Rune has transformed the monotonous building complex by dividing its length into four, where each part is given its own colour: three shades of grey and a terracotta. The colour scheme was selected from the bricks that are used, colours that also are typical for Stockholm in general. The Danish bricks manufactured by Petersen Tegl has knowledge of making high quality bricks for eight generations. Every brick is a craft and considered the world´s most exclusive. Obelisken 29 will be completed by January 2016.


1_Front facade4_Corner Penthouse3_Terrace Sunset2_Livingroom6_Kitchen5_Bedroom