NYTT ROM issue #52

Nytt Rom issue no. 52 asks the appealingly question : ”where do the creative ideas come from?” With and underlying set of parameters, assumptions and reason, the idea or concept is the response to the logical conclusions made during research and analysis. But there´s more… We are snooping a bit into this ”mystery”. Further more everal exciting and stunning new art museums have opened this last year. Fondazione Prada in Milan with its sublime golden volume by OMA, an extention of Tate Modern by Herzog de Meuron, and the breathtaking mountain museum by Zaha Hadid amongst others, are all worth a visit. Or, you can enjoy Stockholm and a cold beer in the park south on Søder, on the terrace of the café Bleck together with old Søder residents and young hipsters. In Copenhagen you can spend a late night at the French newly opened Lalala by the canals of Christianshavn, an autentic French bistro with pergola and petanque outdoors. Nytt Rom also presents a former summer house in Charlottenlund outside Copenhagen, no renovated and functioning as a whole year housing, the house of the design company founder Please Wait to Be Seated, and a cool and relaxed architects apartment in Stockholm. Nytt Rom no. 52 is in stores now,- enjoy!


Nytt Rom 52-omslag med EAN