The sofa er ikke det viktigste issue

All the homes we present are perfect in their different ways; good planning, smart details, delicate decorations and tasteful furniture. All together this creates a harmonious framework for living. We present and highlight the visual character of the homes, their attitude and desired expression, the spaciousness, and details in the interior. However, when we visit a home we sense more than it is possible to present in a printed matter. Birgit Pedersen´s dog that liked to lie on the windowsill in the stylish house in Hellerup was absolutely charming, you could hear the sound of the sea near by, and it smelled nicely of the neighbor’s flowers. In Emil Thorup’s white suite apartment in the busy city center of Copenhagen pleasant Miles Davis music filled the spacious apartment, and on the roof terrace you heard the sound from a busy city. The interior designer Kamilla Rosado did not change the old flooring in their rebuilt factory apartment so the boys could use their skateboards inside. Todd on the top floor at Østerbro had a Norwegian Forest-cat. Its flirting with the photographer and mysterious presence gave an extra dimension to the place. The homes and people we present offer and share with us a personality that is the important part of a harmonic and comfortable home. We hope you sense it too. NYTT ROM issue 70 is in stores now.