The Room Quality Issue

Interior magazines and articles on the topic are often dominated by furnishing and elegant styling, while the qualities of the room itself are often ignored. It is a challenge in a two-dimensional medium to describe an overall quality. If you describe the room’s own quality, as a place, as a three-dimensional whole, you may discover new qualities and inspiration. A room can have interesting building details in floors, walls and ceilings that are dominating. Reason for originality can also be coloring of surfaces, or interesting furniture, or special lighting, as well as stunning views to the horizon or out at pine trees in the wood.

We have visited Scandinavians with different occupations but all together with a sincere interest and feeling for living and their surroundings. The home of the Danish Reform kitchen founder and his family, an editor and stylist running the firm Revolver, and two families running their own blog, influencers on different fields. Four different apartments inhabited by creatives in designing a personal home, were types of room qualities are visualized and offer inspiration. And the Seaside Abode summerhouse in Denmark sums it all up. NYTT ROM issue 64 is in stores now.