The Sharing Dreams Issue

When we meet true passion, our brain is on alert loading new impulses, and energy and curiosity reach our mind. Some people have the ability to convey something new with enthusiasm that we instinctively take to us with great appetite as something important. They share their dreams with us.

We have visited Apartment by Mouche in Gothenburg, where Johanna and Jenny have created a universe expressing their creativity in a unique way as designers and curators of art, fashion and interior. The founders of the online shop TypeO allow us to come into their dream, a restored and rebuilt old farm house in the beautiful landscape of Skåne in the very south of Sweden. We present the studio of Trigueiros Architecture in Stockholm and two of their exciting projects. Each project on their drawing table is processed in relation to a clear model where the customer’s wishes and preconditions are of the essence. Dreams become reality so to speak. In the Oslo apartment of graphic designers Olssøn Barbieri we observe a refined change of a loving home. Those who share their dreams possess an authenticity that is credible and thus worth listening to. NYTT ROM 63 is in stores now.