The Adjusted Style Issue

The living spaces presented in issue 62 appear with a clear attitude and style, each in their own individual way. Audur Gna Ingvarsdottir at Island and her apartment in a former office building in Reykjavik, has a mixed style with colors, furniture, pictures and objects that make an exciting and interesting collage and an overall touch that works well in its lushness. Maximalism works for us. A design duo´s in Eindhoven have a simple and clarified interior in their bright and spacious apartment. The light colors and smart interior solutions are continuous throughout the house. We can call it modern “efficientism”. Norm Architect’s house in Gjøvik close to the Mjøsa lake in the Norwegian hinterland has a different approach. In a partly inverted house for shelter against tough and cold winters, the importance of wood is emphasized. The impression of a cozy and protected cave becomes clear, a little “cottageism” maybe. And architect Kenneth Hinkel’s apartment in Oslo appears as a classic Functionalism home with Japanese wibes, clarified in its simplicity. Modern homes appear quite differently, but they have all been based on a given situation, depending on the residents’ taste and interest, climate, views, constructions and desired functionality. From these basics different and personal -isms or style develops. Interesting and liberating. We call it The Adjusted Style.

NYTT ROM 62 is in stores now, also including new design and designers, new products, interior and a photo gallery of an up and coming Norwegian photographer.