Nytt Rom #53

The Nytt Rom August issue presents homes, studios, furniture and beautiful objects that applaud exuberance and enthusiasm. Stylists Kråkvik d´Orazio´s home in Oslo is edgy, colorful and easy to like. The dark walls are a backdrop for personal selected furniture and interesting artifacts. The same applies to the Artilleriet Studio in Gothenburg. With a tasty breeze of international style, bursting with flowers, pictures and comfort, it is easy to imagine one self living in these surroundings of personal harmony, coziness and class. Nytt Rom no.53 also present the young and creative Oslo based stylist Jostein Wålengen. His home and fashion store in central Oslo shows a stylish and confident fashion and aesthetic approach. Last but not least, Nytt Rom has visited the interesting artist Marianne Thygesen. Her home and studio in her impressive and beautiful garden in Frederiksberg offer great inspiration. Nytt Rom´s August issue, no. 53, is in stores now. Enjoy!

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