Norwegian Presence

– Norway is a small country, where designers, makers and manufacturers need to stand united. This feeling of fellesskap or togetherness is an important driving force and motivation. This exhibition like the Norwegian design industry as a whole is all about sharing and lifting each other up to make something happen. In Milan, our aim is to create a social meeting place where visitors can experience the drive behind Norwegian making and share in the positive atmosphere that our sense of fellesskap generates, product manager at Doga, creative director of Oslo Design Fair and Founder of Edited (a creative hub) Grete Sivertsen says.The exhibition taking place at Opificio 31 in via Tortona 31 is a collaboration between Design and Architecture Norway (DOGA)Klubben and Norwegian Crafts. 15 designers participate at the Norwegian Presence exhibition at Milan Design Week 2018 that opens on April 17 and last until Sunday 22. Photo: Lasse Fløde.


Design by Gudbrandsdalens Uldvarefabrik, Petter Skogstad, Noidoi, So Takahashi, Flokk, Elementa and Vestre.

Left: Scoop, a family of three multi-purpose wooden bowls in ash and oak by product designer Lars Tornøe. Right:Levels of Attachment & Belonging. A series of sculptural vessels in unfired ceramic by visual artist Lillian Tørlen.

Left: Sample & Hold by craft artist Pearla Pigao and a collaboration with the electronics developer Henrik Waarum. By incorporating copper wires as warp and weft fibres into loom-woven cotton fabric, Pigao has transformed a woven surface into a musical instrument inspired by the theremin. Right: Load, a smoked oak cabinet with a seamless layer of polished laminate on the doors and sides that creates a dazzling mirror effect by Färg & Blanche for the brand Northern.

Left: Rig, a family of furniture objects that are not designed for any specific seating situation but possess a strong sculptural character. Place, a family of furniture objects that are not designed for any specific seating situation but possess a strong sculptural character. Both designs by Petter Skogstad. Right: James, a domestic sculpture designed to help keep its owner organized by Sara Polmar.

Left: Design by Elementa, Lillian Tøren, Domaas/Høgh and Objekt. Right: Atlas Modular Bench, consisting of frames in varying lengths and square seats with or without backs and arm supports, the Atlas range is a versatile family of outdoor seating that can adapt to any social meeting by Espen Voll, Tore Borgersen and Michael Olofsson for the brand Vestre.

Design by Vera&Kytr, Marianne Andersen&Victoria Günzler, Northern. Lillian Tørlen, Objekt and Stian Korntvedt Ruud.