Norm Architects x Sticks´n´Sushi

The Danish established Sticks´n´Sushi opened their first restaurant in Copenhagen in 1994. Today they have 12 restaurants in Copenhagen, seven in UK and one in Berlin. In the recently opened restaurant on King´s Road in London the Danish Norm Architects have created a richly textured space, where Scandinavian and Japanese aesthetics meet through an emphasis on natural materials and an overall sense of contemporary luxury.

The materials of the three-floor restaurant reflect the moods set for the different rooms. The ground floor and the heart of the restaurant is industrial and elegant with custom woodwork, Danish design classics, natural stone table top and a bar in blackened steel. The sculptural leather sofas make a mark and are for the visitors having cocktails or waiting for a table. The lower ground floor of the restaurant is intimate and secluded, and is an atmospheric, timeless elegance hideaway for parties. A sculptural stair connects the ground floor and 1. floor, with custom made Japanese lamps in random polish. The first floor is a bright and sophisticated space with oak tabletops, chairs and partition panel walls. Light, transparent textiles divide the space and make a translucent element when they are lit up at night. Carl Hansen chairs accompany the bespoke tables throughout the restaurant as a reference to the timeless Danish design heritage. Photo: Norm Architects.