Nordic Art Issue

– Frustrated with how difficult it can be to find new and exciting art and getting an overview of the market when looking for interesting works, we’ve created an online gallery where you’ll find quality art from selected artists at an affordable price, says founder of Nordic Art Issue Alexandra Eldby. The online gallery offers limited editions as well as unique works, and appears more as a young artist collective rather than a traditional established gallery. Nordic Art Issue offers for a start works from 14 exciting talents and there´s more to come. – We try to create a new way of discovering art and make the process easy and fun. Investing in art and dealing with established galleries seems for many rigid and unavailable, so the main goal is to break down a barrier for young collectors and for artists who need a place to start, says Alexandra Eldby.


Berlin. Artist: Madelen Isa Lindgren.

Attitudeproblemer. Artist: Jørgen Ringstrøm.

Grivet. Artist: Apen Apen.

H2O No.3. Artist: Ole Marius Fossen.

Komorebi. Artist: Cecilia Riis Kjeldsen.