Northern News

From the name Northern Lightning to Northern; the Norwegian brand that earlier produced only lightning expanded and added furniture and interior accessories to their collection, launched for the first time at Stockholm Furniture Fair last year. Their 2019 designs introduce 12 exciting new products that adds atmosphere as they reveal a new vision for Nordic style.

The Daybe is the new generation of sofas balancing function and practicality designed by Morten & Jonas. Now available with optional armrests, Daybe is extending its reach.
The Ink wall lamp is designed by the Swedish designer Felix Isidorsson. An adjustable shade has been configured into a smooth, concave disc that reflects light directly onto the wall. As the light spreads beyond the shade’s rim, a subtle halo effect is created, resulting in a shimmering glow seldom seen in artificial lighting.
This eye-catching watering can looks great in the garden, and adds a sprinkling of style wherever it´s used, Northern says. Designed by Stine Aas. The design is simple and original, formed by two interconnected cylinders that meet at the base of the spout.
Designed by Gridy the Trace flashlight is unique with its light unit positioned vertically on the handle making it easy to direct the beam. Designed with three different light intensities, the brightness of the LED beam can be adjusted at the click of
a button.
The Oblong two-seater sofa complements the Oblong lounge chair launched last year. Designed by Mario Tsai,  the sofa provides supersize comfort while being lighter and sleeker than an stuffed seat.

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