Magri Williams Architects

The London based Magri Williams Architects is co-directed by Joe Magri and Alice Williams. Their project in Roslyn Road, London, is the studio´s first project, and was recently shortlisted for NLA´s Don´t Move Improve Awards. The studio specializes in private residential and interior design projects, and by understanding the material, they produce a project which is carefully considered and detailed.

Text by Magri Williams Architects: The clients sought a rear extension, loft conversion and complete house refurbishment. They wanted a minimal living space – a calm home and refuge from busy London life. The existing terrace house was a London stock brick with a rear outrigger that stepped in form. In reference, the new extension is staggered, continuing the established rhythm and internally, defining the kitchen and dining area. At second floor, a zinc extension provides an additional bedroom and en-suite. The proposed brick for the extension was chosen to echo the existing London stock, but noticeably different in colour and arrangement to enable its reading as a new element. The expression of the single brick was key. The brick is laid in the same orientation to allow each face to be revealed as the building steps. The end face is expressed in the rear elevation; the side face in the stepped form; and the top face rotated in the header detail. Internally, the tones of the external brick were examined to create the supporting material palette. The walls are finished with a light clay, the floor an ash-white polished concrete and the kitchen, joinery and staircase in plywood, adding warmth. Photo: Nicolas Worley.

Rear elevation. Ground floor extension + loft conversion.
Living room. Plywood bookcase + tonal white tiles.
First floor hallway. Plywood staircase.