Lillehammer Art Museum & Cinema

The new expansion design to Lillehammer Art Museum and Lillehammer Cinema are Snøhetta´s second addition to the originally Erling Vikjø designed building from 1964. In 1994 Snøhetta completed an extension to the Museum with the construction of an independent building with a characteristic wave-shaped façade. The 2016 expansion connects the two existing institutions with the addition of a new exhibition hall called Weidemannsalen to the Museum and two theaters and an interior renovation to the Lillehammer Cinema. An overall idea has been to create art hovering above a transparent base at the ground level that sits beneath a cantilevered box wrapped in a metal façade. The galleries striking metallic wrapping was created by the late artist Bård Breivik (1948-2016), made from highly polished stainless steel, with reliefs at approximately 25 cm deep. The integration of art, architecture and landscape have been an important feature in both Snøhetta and Erling Viksjø´s work. In the 1994 museum expansion Snøhetta transformed the spaces between the buildings into an art garden in collaboration with Bård Breivik. For the recent expansion it has been important to enhance the existing spaces and bring the now three volumes together in one complete project. Image courtesy: Snøhetta.


The new expansion to Lillehammer Art Museum and Cinema; a striking metallic, highly polished stainless steel box designed by Bård Breivik hovering over a transparent base.Snøhetta´s Art Museum from 1994 and the Erling Viksjø´s cinema from 1964.

The Erling Viksjø cinema from 1964 and the Art Museum from 1994 to the right with the art garden´s stonework by Bård Breivik and the new expansion in the back.

Weidemannsalen with street facade by Bård Breivik.

Entrance and foyer of the cinema.

The new exhibition hall – Weidemannsalen –  dedicated to the artist Jakob Weidemann and his art.