Kvadrat´s Flagship Showroom

Bouroullec Studio´s design for Kvadrat´s new flagship showroom at Pakhus 48 in Copenhagen is characterized by a layout that creates a bright airy gallery area, underlined by large windows flanking three sides of the showroom providing panoramic views over the harbor area. Inside, two opposing rows of brick walls are topped by transparent glass screens running parallel throughout the space. Office desks are situated on one side and shelving for textiles and rugs on the other side, leaving the gallery area in the midle focused on Kvadrat´s collections. For the new showroom Bouroullec Studio have also designed a shelving and hanging system, which fits into a gridded track-ceiling. Made from anodised aluminum, the system enables Kvadrat to display large pieces of textiles and rugs. White is the dominant color, and many of the furnitures are custom made alongside a series of Bouroullec Studio´s design for Vitra. – The concept we developed is focused on materiality, which is at the heart of the Kvadrat brand. For instance, the showroom aims to deliver total flexibility to create scenes with large pieces of textiles and rugs. Doing so provides a deep insight into the weave, weight, transparency and quality of each design, Erwan Bouroullec explains. The showroom opened at the end of November, and is situated next to the site of the original showroom at the popular Nordhavnen area of Copenhagen. Photo: Michel Giesbrecht & Studio Bouroullec.