Kitchen Living

Kitchen Living delves into the space where we now spend most of our time. Whether looking to make small changes or a completely new kitchen redesign into a kitchen cabinet and a kitchen island, we look at current technology and trends that have allowed these spaces to become more experimental. With a pinch of salt and plenty of personality, kitchens have become the pulse of human life at home. What was once a purely utilitarian space has transformed into the room where we share our happiest experiences. We learn, fight, remember, entertain, discover, and embark on adventures through cooking. Draw inspiration and learn life hacks on how subtle touches can create mighty solutions. Text and photo courtesy Gestalten.

Photo: Akihide Mishima, Kitchen Living, gestalten 2019
Photo left: Giaime Meloni. Photo right: Wolfgang Stahr, Kitchen Living, gestalten 2019

Photo: Nicola Parisi, Kitchen Living, gestalten 2019