Kitchen Jewelery

With the kitchen Form 45 in black oxidized steel Multiform have created a minimalist kitchen in a classic yet industrial style. The design has black oxidized metal fronts with slightly visible slate tracks and a subtile surface texture that goes well with other natural materials like marble, granite and wood. Form 45´s precise details create a unique piece of furniture. Based on the vision of creating a floating kitchen island, all edges are cut obliquely at an angle of 45 °, a solution that creates the feeling of a stringent, hovering monolith in the room. For multiform every detail is important. Their kitchen is handmade according to traditional principles and understanding of how materials are used in the best possible way.


Multiform launches the 2018 news Form 45, a black oxidized steel kitchen island. The unique and precise details create a unique piece of furniture.

Multiform Form 45 with clear brass surface, for which they received the international design award Archiproduct Design Award in 2017.