Karimoku x Norm Architects

Karimoku is Japan´s largest wooden manufacturer and was established in Chita-gun, Aichi Prefecture as “Kariya Timber Industry” in 1947. Originally a producer of weaving machines and wooden parts for exported furniture, Karimoku has through the use of high-precision processing technology and an expert knowledge of materials been producing domestic furniture since 1962.

In addition to Norm Architects, Keiji Ashizhawa Design and Torafu Architects have also been participating in the factory workshops, sharing input and opinions in order for the best solutions. This was also an opportunity to investigate the sharing approach to furniture design and cabinetry between japan and Denmark. The result of the collaboration is a series of functional, high quality wooden furniture that speak with their surroundings rather than make a statement, carrying references to both Japanese and Scandinavian aesthetics and design traditions.


Dining table: The dimensions of the dining table are a balance between lightness and heaviness, paper-thin when seen from some angles and more robust from others, emphasizing the materials.

Dining chair: The chair is a hybrid between the Japanese and Scandinavian aesthetics using existing parts found in the factories of Karimoku. The result is a classic, minimal piece of furniture with a warm look.

Two-seater sofa: The Hinoki wood sofa boasts clear references to traditional Japanese architecture methods as well as democratic Danish furniture from the 50’s. All elements are on display, with the armrest continuing along the backrest of the sofa and thereby creating a shelf-like element, increasing functionality and making it suitable for a small home.

Coffee table: The slightly but precise spacing between each wooden element in the coffee table is inspired by Japanese temples, shrines and traditional architecture. The stone top carries references to the minimalist designs of the famous Danish designer Poul Kjærholm.