K House

On the secluded beach front property the villa resort completed by AIM Architecture and Norm Architects, is surrounded by lush greenery, have stunning views with and effortlessly architecture blending in to the nature with large openings and natural materials. The resort consists of two individual buildings, one placed on a hilly part of the property with sea views and the other slightly tucked away providing a more sheltered situation. The two buildings form a L-shape that frames the garden and a centrally placed pool area. The barn-like structure of the K House blends into the landscape, encloses the outdoor areas and frames the view towards the sea. Photo: Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen, Noah Sheldon.

The warm and pleasant climate makes it possible to us soft transitions. The outdoor living and dining spaces and porches with switching levels defines thresholds between them. Large sliding doors open up key spaces to the garden, and shutters are made of wood. These indoor outdoor spaces are covered with generous roofs and protect from rain and sun but still being in nature in a protected and comfortable manner.  
The house with the common areas are bright and spacious, while the living and dining room house is more enclosed and intimate, with minimal interiors and decór.
The material used in this architectural composition is local teak wood, polished terrazzo, facades of polished cement and outdoor areas of local granite stone. The roof is made of recycled terracotta tiles which complements the overall natural look and tactile feel of the house.
Two rooms have bathrooms opening up to private courtyards, giving the luxury of being in nature when showering.