Join at Milan

The Norwegian exhibition at Milan Design Week 2019 is a collaboration between Design and Architecture Norway (DOGA), Klubben design collective and Norwegian Crafts. – Starting from a shared desire to shift towards sustainability, JOIN by Norwegian Presence have invited people from varied industries to work together to find the solutions that our increasingly resource-scarce world requires. Collaboration is a prerequisite in creating a sustainable future. We have to acknowledge the apparent contradiction that being a part of Milan Design Week entails – after all, the act of participation in itself contributes to increased production. However, we believe the power of this platform to build awareness and influence the industry is unrivaled on the global stage, and that there is no where better in the world to make our case. This year, we asked Norwegian designers and artists to address the issue of sustainability from a wider perspective. As well as climate considerations and our use of resources, sustainability entails economic and social aspects, a commitment to democratic and inclusive processes, and a consideration of the needs of future generations, the press release explains.

The Join by Norwegian Presence exhibits objects from 21 designers and artists curated by the creative studio Kråkvik&D´Orazio. The designers participating are: Erik Wester, Henrik Ødegaard, Kaja Solgaard Dahl, Kim Thomé, KnudsenBergHindenes, Marte Frøystad, Martin Høgh Olsen, Mijo Studio, Noidoi, Stine Aas and Vera & Kyte, and the craft artists: Anita Hanch-Hansen, Kent Fonn Skåre, Máret Ánne Sara & Matt Lambert and Tron Meyer. The products on display have been selected in collaboration with the designers Kristine Bjaadal and Hallgeir Homstvedt, who are also responsible for the overall exhibition design. The exhibition will last until Sunday April 14. Photo: Inger Marie Grini.

Varde sculpture, design by Tron Meyer in Norwegian stone and stainless steel consists of split stones stacked in tower formation. Each stone exposes a core characterised by its volcanic origin approximately 290 million years ago. The surface is the result of an ice age, where gradual actions of motion and friction have left the stones with a rounded shape.
From left: Join Me kitchen table, design by Marte Frøystad. The table is made of linoleum and wood treated with linsees oil. The name plays on the exhibition title Join, describing a social and inviting act. Strand storage baskets in anodised aluminium designed by Vera & Kyte is inspired by traditional wicker techniques. The furniture series Cyclop designed by Tron Meyer consists of a table in anodised aluminium and a chair in larvikite and Norwegian pine.
From left: Hive flexible storage unit designed by KundsenBergHindenes in natural and black stained oak, with elements of anodised aluminium. The module is a combination of a chest of drawers and a cabinet. Volume vases designed by Erik Wester is a series of three blown-glass vases of different size, color and proportion.
From left: Duft is a series of aromatic sculptures made by using polished larvikite, cast porcelain and naturally scented oils, designed by Kaja Solgaard Dahl. Universell is a series of sculptural furniture made of scraps and offcuts from granite slubs found on construction sites in Bergen city centre, design by Kent Fonn Skåre. Tango consists of two side tables in glass, wood and aluminium assembled with glue, design by Kim Thomé.
In addition to the 21 designers participating, seven Norwegian manufacturers is present at the exhibition: Elementa, Fjordfiesta, Gudbrandsdalens Uldvarefabrik, Krafted, Varier, Vestre and Volver Studios.