Ikea + Hay

-We are witnessing a changing world. People are also changing in how they live their life´s and the use of various products. Ikea has a philosophy to constantly reinvent the basics in the home, says Ikeas head of design Marcus Engman.- But people must also recognize the products as Ikeas own design. We are committed to preserve our Scandinavian heritage and identity. It’s a part of being Ikea, he said. HAY has since its establishment in 2002 grown to become one of the most successful design brands in Denmark. The collaboration with Ikea started with a plan to design 35 new products, but has increased to around 70. The collection will be launched during autumn 2017, with a common goal to make good design available for everybody. Sofa, dining table, bench, chairs, lamps, office furniture and a wide range of accessories are already on the product list. Included is also a makeover of the old Ikea Frakta bag, where green and grey are the new yellow and blue.- The first step is to play with our common values, combined with different materials, colors and production technologies, and not least, – our roots in a diverse Scandinavia, says Engman.

Ikea has also announced a collaboration with the British designer Tom Dixon. Details of Dixon’s project are currently “top secret” and will be launched in August 2017. Dixon did though reveal that it will feature an aluminium-framed couch he hopes will supersede the brand’s Klippan sofa.

Some Ikea + Hay designs: