Houdini hub in Oslo

– With more than ten year´s presence in the Norwegian market, opening the first signature hub in Oslo was a natural choice and we wanted to make sure it will be an including experience for our users. We´ve always admired Snøhetta´s work and only an architect with a shared passion for innovation could help us create such an overhaul of the consumer experience, says Josef Nyström of Houdini Sportswear in Norway. The 70 m2 store situated in Hegdehaugsveien takes inspiration from nature, an approach that lies in all of what Houdini offers and strives to be. The interior is characterized by hexagons and geometric forms in various sizes and dimensions in lite pine wood, a contrast to the rough cement walls and flooring. The main idea has been to create components that the customers will experience as the glade – a flexible structure that doubles as a sitting area and display, and the comradery – a central counter formed as a retail based social space, with both flexible and informal meeting zones.