Galeries Lafaeytte

– The warm and historic heart of the 1932 Art Deco bank building meets the fresh and contemporary periphery of the new Galeries Lafaeytte at Champs Elysees. The heart of the building pays tribute to the tactility and texture of the historic building. The historical architecture is supplemented by the raw, gallery-like periphery with high ceilings and an abundance of daylight, BIG explains.

Ground floor: – A glowing bridge ushers life into the heart of the building: a dramatic circular atrium covered by a monumental glass cupola that has been restored and uncovered for maximum daylight. The ground floor creates a bright new urban living room for Parisians and visitors who can continue to food court in the basement or explore upper floors for shopping, BIG continues.

Level 1: – A continuous golden ring of perforated metal wraps around all of the columns and creates a series of rooms and alcoves facing the atrium. Throughout the store, furniture is never only storage: interweaving carpets become dressing rooms, countertops are a sculptural stack of elements, magic carpets for the shoe display double as furniture for the shoppers to sit and try the footwear.

Level 2: – The upper levels of the store are more refined and continue the idea of furniture as artifact. The top floor features a series of suspended glass vitrines that look like independent objects and can host a variety of experiences and activities visible from the lower levels. Images by Michel Florent.