Everything is Connected

The Norwegian exhibition Everything is Connected is all set for the Milan Design Week 4-9 April 2017, and presents some of the most exciting works of Norwegian crafts, furniture- and interior design today. 24 projects selected by the Berlin based Norwegian designer and photographer Katrin Grelling templates a creative portrait of Norway, exploring how Norwegian geography, education, material access and social structure affects Norwegian form of expression. The 3o selected designers presenting 24 projects are: Andrea Muribø, Andreas Bergsaker, Anette Krogstad, Ann Kristin Einarsen, Barmen & Brekke, Bjørn Van Den Berg, Gilles & Cecilie Studio, Falke Svatun, Hallgeir Homstvedt og Runa Klock, Jenkins & Uhnger, Jonas Stokke, Kaja Dahl, Kari Mølstad, Kiyoshi Yamamoto, Live Berg Olsen, Marianne Andersen, Martin Høgh Olsen, Martin Solem, Moa Håkansson, Noidoi, Sara Polmar, Silje Nesdal, Stine Aas & Cecilia Zhang og Vera & Kyte.

The exhibition design by the Norwegian-Italian duo Kråkvik & D´Orazio underlines the title Everything is Connected. By using mirrors as a part of the design the idea is to link the different works together and generate reflections and relations both between the projects, the designer and the visitor. All though the different objects have its individuality, they are still connected by visual common features as colors, materiality and form of expression. The paint manufacturer Jotun has designed a color pallet of three different shades especially for the exhibition, consisting of the colors Norwegian Wood, Nordic Breeze and Blue River. Everything is Connected is a result of a collaboration between the design collective Klubben, Norwegian Crafts and Design and Architecture Norway (DOGA) together with Jotun. Photo: Lasse Fløde – Pudder.



From the left: Aase mirror  by Andreas Bergsaker, Make jar by Barmen&Brekke, Bror glass by Noidoi,  Allen Wood saucers by Silje Nesdal.  Jotun color 5452 Nordic Breeze and textile Modal 481 from Gudbransdalen Uldvarefabrik.

From the left: Core Combination jewelery by Andrea Muribø, Fam jar by Ann Kristin Einarsen. Jotun color 10981 Norwegian Wood and textile Modal 481 from Gudbrandsdalen Uldvarefabrik. Stone from Lundhs AntiqueFrom the left: Tangent lamp by Jenkins&Uhnger, Make jar by Barmen&Brekke, Norwegian Notes scent objects by Kaja Dahl. Jotun color 4785 Blue River and textile Gandal+ 775 from Gudbrandsdalens Uldvarefabrik.From the left: Super Normal chair by Live Berg Olsen, ceramics by Anette Krogstad, Kantarell lamp by Falke Svatun, Peak vase by Kari Møllestad. Colors Jotun 5452 Nordic Breeze and 10981 Norwegian Wood. Textile Modal 131 from Gudbrandsdalen Uldvarefabrik. Stone from Lundhs Antoque.From the left: Blue Kill Yellow wallpaper by Kiyoshi Yamamoto, Nomad jar by Gilles & Cecilie, Sheer Cabinet by Bjørn van den Berg, Lampalu by Martin Solem.From the left: Lily sound absorbing elements and Recover pillow by Hallgeir Homstvedt and Runa Klock.Dwell bench by Vera & Kyte.From the left: Bror glass bowl by Noidoi, Skrin casket by Marianne Andersen, Matchbox shelves by Sara Polmar.