Desplans Gallery

Desplans is an unique online gallery founded in 2015 in Paris and Stockholm by Albane Cartier-Bresson, Guillaume Dubois and Jérôme Malpel. The gallery prints and frames architectural drawings as signed, limited editions and brings value and visibility to imagery that is often shelved away, whether or not a project is realized.  -Desplans gallery became reality as a result of the observation that there is an ongoing production of high-quality modern architectural drawings. These documents are not generally available to the public, even though they represent a major art form. Sketches, photographs, collages, plans, cross sections and models – they all reveal, not the finished architecture, but its abstract and stylized beginnings. Desplans offers the opportunity to buy these works of art as signed limited editions. Exhibiting these architects works in our gallery is another way of bringing architecture to life. We want to show what has never been shown before and bring architecture closer to the general public. From sketches and drawings, but also models, collages, and technical studies we think that architecture makes sense through all those steps, and want to show them under the light of Desplans gallery, the founders explain. In the beginning of October Desplans invites to a Swedish launch in Stockholm. The exhibition with limited edition sales is titled Collective Landscape and lasts from 6 to 16 October and is hosted by In Praise of Shadows architects. Images: Desplans.