Defectos Ocultos

Simon Anund constantly detects something new and unexplored, often with architectural references. It is clear that there is a will to show that concrete is more than gray façades and bird pools. His geometric shapes are something that is not associated with concrete. Under the title Defectos Ocultos, Simon Anund latest exhibition showcased monumental and three-dimensional work. Anund’s sculptures communicate through the form and there is traces of his upbringing in the country. – The inspiration is taken from a world of tractors, machine parts, cast iron lumps and rusty metal pieces, all with their specific purpose in agricultural machinery. Anund looks back at his childhood where the forms come to life and become characters, buildings and robots, the press release explained. Simon Anund (b.1977) has been working as an artist and designer since 1999. Since 2009 he has also been a lecturer at Konstfack design school in Stockholm.