Danish design hotel in Nagano

House of Finn Juhl Hotel Hakuba is located in a small valley surrounded by the Japanese alps in Nagano, and offers a unique design experience in a stunning scenery. The newly renovated Danish/Japanese design hotel is decorated entirely with Finn Juhl furniture, framed by black windows and exposed beams in contrast to the light, wooden floors and white walls. The small hotel consists of six double rooms, all decorated differently, in addition to a dining hall, bar and lounge areas.  – Our hotel has to be as cozy and comfortable as a home – decorated with Finn Juhl’s organic furniture from basement to attic. In the hotel you are free to serve yourself complimentary local drinks and snacks, produced in the surrounding area. During daytime you can take up a variety of outdoor activities such as skiing, hiking, rafting, mountain biking or fishing, depending on the time of year. In the evening you can discover the Japanese rural-cuisine, and at nighttime your senses will be pampered by eiderdown duvets, damask linen, and the scent of teakwood, the managing director of House of Finn Juhl Hans Henrik Sørensen says.

The Nagano area is famous for its powder snow and has over 100 piste´s with mountains up to 3000 meters. Nagano is also known for hosting the 1998 Winter Olympic Games. On how House of Finn Juhl decided to settle in Hakuba Hans Henrik Sørensen elaborates: – As usual, it all started as a friendly conversation with our Japanese partner Okasaki-san. He loves skiing in Hakuba’s world-famous powder snow. Initially, we had an idea of buying a ski lodge that our friends and family could stay in. However, as we went on a tour of Nagano’s mountains, we came across a hotel just 400 meters from the Olympic ski jumping hill. Ever since we laid eyes on this charming house, it only seemed natural to us that we challenged our original idea. This became the birth of the first ever Finn Juhl hotel.

The concept House of Finn Juhl dates back to year 2000, when Finn Juhl´s widow granted the renowned manufacturer Onecollection, founded by Ivan Hansen and Hans Henrik Sørensen, the rights to produce Finn Juhl´s furniture. Onecollection has since then carried on the legacy of Finn Juhl. In the recent years stores with an explicit focus on displaying and selling Finn Juhl design have opened around the world. These stores are called House of Finn Juhl.

Onecollection has a strong affiliation with Japan, as part of the Finn Juhl range is produced here. The production of Finn Juhl furniture is thus split between the Danish workshops and the Japanese workshop.

Photo copyright: House of Finn Juhl / Onecollection.