Danish Craftsmanship

In a time where modern design furniture is manufactured industrially and flat-packed, this years Danish Cabinetmaker´s Autumn Exhibition has chosen to look closer into the importance of craftsmanship.The 2018 exhibition is launched in Thorvaldsen´s Museum in Copenhagen, a place that is a combination of architecture and art, crafts and details. The theme of this annual exhibition is MONO, to be read as a prefix with different associations: monochrome, monolith, monologue, monopoly… The exhibition is thus based on the participants personal interpretations of the simple, the monochrome and the things that speak for themselves. And if you only had to create one piece of furniture, what should it be? This year’s theme has the subtitle; a furniture with an understanding of craftsmanship, and presents 41 prototypes with a measurable frame of 90 x 90 cm in one color, the tree’s own or one of the distinctive pigment colors from Thorvaldsens Museum. The Cabinetmakers`Autumn Exhibition lasts until December 9. Photo: Torben Petersen.


Left: Neo Folklore ( Armrest) by Rasmus B. Fex. Right: Ash by Henrik Sørig Thomsen.

Left: Sunrise by Lise and Hans Isbrand. Matter by Troels Grum-Schwensen.

Left: One by Philip Bro Ludvigsen. Right: Piqué by Hannes Stephensen.

Left: Bertel by Erling Christoffersen. Right: Calm by hans Sandgren Jacobsen.

Left: The Moebius Chair by Poul Christiansen. Right: Speys Chair and Doubt Stool by Anne Fabricius Møller.