Curated by Artilleriet

– One of Gothenburg’s best kept secrets for great design, a true architectural masterpiece, is Gothenburg Concert Hall, Konserthuset. It blends into the environment with its location, and appears almost as a wing beside the monumental Gothenburg Museum of Art. But while the facade is formal and classical low key, the inside unveils an overwhelming line of materials, artwork, forms and design, all dedicated to the art of music. Welcome to explore some of our items curated in this context, Artilleriet says.

In 1931, an architectural competition was announced, and the assignment to design Gothenburg Concert Hall was awarded to architect Nils Einar Eriksson. Although being a Functionalist by heart he chose to give the building a more traditional neoclassical facade to better melt into the other monumental surroundings. The building is built in brick and marble, and the interior is richly decorated with works of art by the artist Ewald Dahlskog. The heart of the building, the great hall, is world famous for its acoustics. Today Konserthuset is a true vivid concert hall, classic concerts are mixed with modern pop, and other music events.