Creative Cph Studio

Atelier Cph is a multidisciplinary creative studio based in Copenhagen.The agency was established in 2012 by Danish trend forecaster and concept stylist Sara Ingemann and Dutch creative director and graphic designer Mandy Rep. – Our experience in trend forecasting and visual brand strategy enables us to create innovative brand experiences bringing the future closer to the brands we work with from the fashion, lifestyle and interior design field. We focus on creating customized solutions within concept development, art direction and styling, brand identity, trend forecasting, visual and digital communication, print design, publication and editorial work, Atelier Cph explains.

Sara Ingemann lives and work In Frederiksberg. – The apartment has quit a different feel to it (it used to be a factory where biscuits was produced). It’s very spacious and the room division is different from traditional apartments in Copenhagen, which I really like. It really changes the living patterns and it’s a great place for having friends over for dinner and parties. The way of dividing rooms with glass windows and the terrazzo floor is some of my favorite details, Sara says.

Atelier Cph has a working space in Mandy Rep’s apartment at Nørrebro as well. The study is white painted and bright, while the living room has a strong brown-colored wall that gives the room special character. Atelier Cph´s prints, paintings, drawings and sculptures dominate the walls and shelves. This is a cool and inspiring place to be both in a working situation and as a living area. – I love that it’s in Nørrebro, it’s a very nice location with a lot of diversity and a vibrant vibe, the streets are alive and I like that. Also most of my friends live around the corner so it’s cozy to go out of the door and meet people for a little chat and a beer on the red square, Mandy says about the neighbourhood.

You can read the whole article about Atelier Cph in NYTT ROM issue 71 including interesting and insightful interviews. See their latest work here. Photo: NYTT ROM.