CPH:DOX x Normann Copenhagen

The visual concept for this year was centered around the stripe, both CPH:DOX’s visual and digital identities, as well as the interior design at Kunsthal Charlottenborg. – The stripe is a uniform, monotonous pattern, and it’s precisely this dull uniformity that Normann Copenhagen and CPH:DOX challenged to break from. The goal was to design an interior that creates a sense of wonder and awe, challenging the way we usually experience film festivals. The result became a refined conceptual design, which emphasizes the perception of space, the press release informs.

Over the festival’s 11 days, the stately Baroque palace hosted hundreds of exclusive film screenings, workshops, lectures, debates, virtual reality experiences, innovative designs, parties, and much more. It was important to create an interior design that could be adapted to accommodate the dynamic nature of the event. This year’s stripe theme was found in all of the rooms, but manifested itself in different ways. In some rooms, stripes appeared on walls and podiums, while in others they could be seen in the layout of the furniture or in the color scheme. In several places, this monotonous cadre of stripes upon stripes was refracted by colorful furniture designs, which stand in sharp contrast to the graphic universe around them. Classical shades of red, black, white, and gray alternated with colors like electric blue and blush. Contrasts were used throughout the color narrative as a deliberate sensory intervention that provoked moods, feelings, and expressions in the rooms.

CPH:DOX’s Art Director Peter Hjetting was responsible for the visual identity, which was transferred to Kunsthal Charlottenborg by Fie Reffelt and Nan Sofie Brøgger of Reffelt Brøgger Studio. Brand manager Britt Bonnesen and designer Hans Hornemann from Normann Copenhagen assisted with the interior design, color theme, and furniture selection. Credit: Normann Copenhagen.