Coastal Cabins

Ryvarden Lighthouse is situated at the far end of the windy coastline north of the city of Haugesund at the west coast in Norway. On request from the Haugesund Trekking Association, a part of the Norwegian Trekking Association, Holon Architecture was commissioned to design several small self-service cabins at the rugged coastal landscape at Ryvarden. Vulnerable to encroachment the cabins are adapted to the terrain and weather conditions with a minimum of foot print. The rock formation has a number of cracks that extend out to the sea. By giving the cabins a triangular shape and profile, the cabins can be wedged into the terrain. This volume also gave way to a synthesis of landscape considerations, the desire for exciting interior spaces, as well as demands for stability in the extremely harsh climate.

The facade towards the entrance and the lighthouse is minimized and the volume becomes sculpture like. Towards the sea, the living, dining and sleeping area opens up with a panoramic window. Sloping the window minimizes the reflection of the sky towards the sea and avoids reflections inside. At only 18 m2 each the cabins can accommodate 4-6 people, with a small kitchen, living room and a bathroom. Haugesund Trekking Association will be able to offer around 40 beds at Ryvarden from 2020. Photo courtesy: Holon Architecture.